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Mahim Pandhi
Wildlife Foundation

The Foundation was established as a not-for-profit organization to fill a vital gap in crocodile research and conservation.

Our team of crocodile specialists works with the crocodiles of the arid region of Kutch, to understand their uniqueness, their adaptation to the harsh conditions of this biome, and their special, conflict-free existence with their human neighbours.

Mahim Pandhi Wildlife Foundation Introduction
Primary Initiative

Research and Conservation Project

DesertCrocs project aims to under the Mugger crocodile (Crocodylus palustris) in the arid environment of the isolated region of Kutch, India.
We believe these crocodiles may have something unique to show us.

DesertCrocs Project

Ongoing initiatives

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KutchWildlife KutchWildlife
Public Service Project

Wildlife Databank

This website is the first central repository of comprehensive information on all wildlife in Kutch. It lists over 500 species of animals, and over 20,000 research papers concerning those species.

As an open-source project, this website aggregates information from various prominent sources and also includes contributions from the public at large, including researchers, naturalists, and even citizen scientists. The goal of this project is to promote wildlife conservation and create awareness for the problems faced by Kutch's animals.

In the near future, the databank will also be available as an Android app for offline usage in the field, as well as create a public platform for reporting sightings, roadkill, and other relevant data to create a detailed overview of wildlife activities.

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In production:
Dragons in the Desert

Our upcoming documentary tells the story of the crocodiles of Kutch. We follow different individuals and show their life over different seasons, the challenges they face, and how they live in almost complete harmony with humans.

Dragons in the Desert

Dragons in the Desert is scheduled to be released in 2021. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay informed.


About the Foundation

The Mahim Pandhi Wildlife Foundation was founded to fill the void of conservation and protection of the native crocodiles of Kutch, a unique, isolated part of India. Our small, focused team combines experiences from different fields to approach challenges from new perspectives.

With our flagship project DesertCrocs, we are working towards a better understanding of the unique crocodiles of Kutch. We work with local authorities and communities on educational initiatives to help continue the zero human-crocodile conflict legacy of Kutch, and better understand this fascinating aspect of co-existence.

Self-sufficiency and open exchange

Our prime directive is to study crocodiles while taking the utmost care to preserve their safety, territory, and way of life. We employ cutting edge technologies and inventive methodologies to explore new ways of understanding these animals.

The Foundation is fully self-sufficient and operates on a private budget, without any financial contributions from donors or sponsors, to create a superbly streamlined endeavor that is strictly focused on our work and not administration and fundraising.

To foster open exchange, The Foundation publishes its research and data under the permissive Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 license.


Dax Pandhi
Parvez Ansari
Himani Shah
Cynthia Najim

Mahim Pandhi


The Foundation was created in memory of Mahim Pandhi, a renowned journalist and renaissance man who loved nature. He spent his life practicing his principles of charity and philanthropy. He was a man of action who believed in doing things himself - especially when it came to helping others. He loved to explore nature and shared his garden with cobras, mongooses, and reptiles.

The Mahim Pandhi Wildlife Foundation was founded by his family.

Career Opportunities

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We are looking for like-minded people in the fields of herpetology, zoology, and paleontology - who are interested in collaborating with the DesertCrocs project, and beyond. You will get to work with a team of specialists with decades of experience under their belt, and have access to cutting edge technologies.


Are you an undergraduate or postgraduate student? You can gain valuable work experience in the field by joining our projects on a short-term basis. Get in touch with us for details.

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